We will travel your dog to beautiful walking locations in the local villages, we try to change where we walk on a daily basis to provide your pet with plenty of different sights and smells. Due to the large number of dogs in our care, group walks are preffered.

New members are walked on a 1to1 basis for the first few days so that we may match their personality to a suitable walking group. Group walks provide the perfect time for socialising, play, learning and most of all plenty of exercise!


We prefer to have all dogs off lead on walks as long as their re-call is good and they are sociable with both people and other dogs. Many owners find that their dogs re-call has dramatically improved after walking in one of our groups for a few weeks.

We like to get the dogs off the lead on walks as often as possible to allow them to explore, play and fully enjoy their time out with us.

However, dogs will only be let off lead if you, the owner, has signed a consent form which can be filled in at the pre-visit. Your wishes will always be respected if you are uncomfortable with your dog being off lead.


One-to-one walks can be arranged in certain circumstances.


Be it snowing, raining, windy or sunny - Our Loyal Companions will walk your dog in all weathers!

We try to ensure that the walks we offer are always fun, stimulating and enjoyable for your dogs along with the promise that you will return home to a clean/dry, relaxed and very satisfied pet!


    Group walks (1 hour) £12.00 (price includes pick up/drop off, travel to a variety of walking locations, cleaning and any extra duties such as lunch giving)

        + £5.00 per additional dog in household


    1to1 Walks (30 mintues) £8.00 (price includes travel to and from your house as well as any cleaning and additonal duties such as lunch giving)

        + £2.50 per additional dog in household

Our Loyal Companions walks dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

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