Dog visits (1 hour) £10.00

Whether your dog needs letting out in the garden, a short walk or just some TLC when you are unavailable, Our Loyal Companions is happy to help.


Cat visits (30 Minutes) £5.00

Our Loyal Companions can pop in to feed and play with your cat, clean litter trays or let in/out and give your cat bundles of fuss while you are out.


Puppy (1 Hour) £10.00

We all know taking on a puppy can be a time consuming task. They require your undivided attention that can't always be given. Our Loyal Companions can visit your puppy to give them exercise and plenty of well deserved cuddles! Basic training for added stimulation is also often included.


Small Animal (30 Minutes) £5.00

Our smaller fury (or scaley!) friends are just as important when it comes to being cared for and this is why Our Loyal Companions offer pop in visits for all types of small animal. Animals that come under this category are: Rodents, Rabbits, Reptiles, Birds and Amphibians.

Visits include topping up food, giving clean water, letting out for exercise, spot cleaning and overall checking of welfare while you are away.

Enclosures can be cleaned out fully at an additional cost.

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We can visit dogs, cats, puppys and small animals. Services include feeding/giving fresh water, letting in or out, toilet breaks, litter tray cleaning, cage and enclosure cleaning and general playtime and attention.


Standard duration times are set out according to the animal.

These can be altered to suit your needs.

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Our Loyal Companions offers daily visits for your pets.