If we can't convice you that Our Loyal Companions is the best pet service for you, let our customers do the talking!

'Despite there being lots of competition in our village we contacted Jodie following viewing her fantastic website. The reviews for Our Loyal Companions services were delightful to read and the website showed Jodie’s profound love for anything fury! We immediately felt that Jodie would be the right person to make daily home visits to our 12 week old bundle of energy Teddie the Bichon Frise. Teddie gets visits every lunch time and each day is different games, playtime, cuddles; we have also noticed that his general obedience has improved as she incorporates training into his fun time for additional stimulation. As an added bonus to everything Jodie offers, we had Teddie micro chipped in the comfort of our own home, it was a quick and pain free procedure that meant  we didn’t have to make an unnecessary visit to the vets.

Thank you Jodie for becoming Teddies second ‘mummy’ during puppyhood and beyond'


- Mel and Matt Williams, Shillington




'Working shifts and having a puppy doesn't always go hand in hand. I didn't want to leave our King Charles Cavalier puppy Archie alone all day so I gave Jodie at Our Loyal Companions a call. She has been providing us an excellent service for around 3 months now. We often use Jodie for home visits in which she attends our home and gives Archie all the love and attention he needs. Jodie has also thrown in some training too in order to keep Archie on the ball. When I arrive home he shows a great understanding of his new skills and tricks he has been taught. Jodies service is prompt and professional and on every visit she leaves a diary letting us know exactly what Archie has been doing. Over all Jodie provides an excellent service which has helped shape Archie into the fun loving and obedient dog he is today'


- Charlie Phipps, Shefford




'Having looked through various local dog walking company's web pages, we chose Jodie due to the other testimonials and the fact she had a dog with similar issues to Poppy, our 8 year old Jack Russell Cross rescue dog.  

Having moved jobs, I was commuting an hour each way and my husband's job was taking him out of the country for a while.  We explained the issues we had with our dog, hoping it wouldn't put Jodie off!  Luckily it didn't and we arranged to meet Jodie at our home.  Poppy took to her straight away; there was no snapping or barking, in fact a dog toy was dropped at Jodie's feet and an expectant look followed - this wasn't what normally happened to strangers visiting our home.

To cut a long story short, our aggressive, anti-social dog, who didn't like travelling in cars and would try to fight any other dog (regardless of how much bigger it was than her!) will now happily jump in the car to go out and is confident and friendly with most other dogs, especially her new walking friends.  This is due to Jodie's understanding of what triggers the fear aggression and more importantly the way she has carefully selected suitable, confident companions on Poppy's walks.  In addition, Jodie is extremely reliable and keeps us updated as to Poppy's progress and the different dogs she walks with.  Poppy is also much healthier and a bit slimmer!

I would definitely recommend 'Our Loyal Companions' to anyone considering using a dog walking service, as an excellent choice.  In your absence, you can be assured that your pet is getting the care, attention and, in Poppy's case, socialisation to keep them happy and healthy.'


- Mary & Ian, Shefford



'Jodie provides a very professional service. She is really friendly and has an incredible understanding with my dog! We asked for Jodies help with barking and obedience and she has turned an over excited puppy into a much calmer one. Her techniques are easy to understand and get results. I'm really glad we went to Jodie as she has made a real difference. Thanks!'


- Danny, Henlow




'Jodie walked my two boxers (Kizzy and Alfie) for a week whilst we were on holiday. Jodie was kind enough to text us whilst away to reassure us that both dogs were fine. On our return, Jodie had left a diary of their daily walks, which was both amusing and very comforting to see they were well looked after. Both dogs seemed very happy and relaxed and well cared for and I have no hesitation in using Jodie again for our next holidays. Thankyou Jodie'


- Donna Williams, Lower Stondon




'I used Jodie to train my 6 month old dog Winnie to stop jumping up and pulling on her lead. I had 3 lessons and the results were brilliant. She barely jumps up anymore and is so much better on her lead. Jodie stopped the lessons when here was no more to teach and did not drag them out which i thought was brilliant, leaving me with a plan so I did not forget anything. I also use Jodie to walk Winnie, she is great with her and does a little training whilst on the walk. Winnie loves Jodie which is great to know you are leaving your dog in such good hands I recommend Our Loyal Companions to anyone who needs help with training or walking'


- Amy Atkins, Henlow Camp




'Jodie has been looking after my cocker spaniel, Bonnie since last year. In that time she has turned an unruly puppy into a lively but well behaved dog. She has achieved this with a sympathetic but firm approach which was perfectly suited to Bonnie’s temperament. At no time has Jodie interfered with Bonnie’s character or general sense of fun. This I feel has shown Jodie has a rare ability in building a positive rapport with Bonnie. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.'


'We have a 3 year old cocker spaniel named Bonnie who is very precious to us. When my circumstances changed and we had to hire a dog walker for 5 days a week I was a bit nervous about it. But when I met and spoke to Jodie she at once put me at my ease, Bonnie took to her immediately. Since she has been taking our dog out every day she is now a lot calmer and more relaxed. I am so pleased we found Jodie she is a complete star and I would recommend her to anybody wanting a dog walker or a trainer. She is fab.'


- Seperate testimonials from Gwyen and Jim, Stotfold




'Jodie walks my two 16 month old Cavachon’s (Bear & Patch). While they were puppies I was working mainly at home, unfortunately I had to start working longer hours, and travel into the office more. As I didn’t want them left alone all the time & because my ‘walking’ time had been cut significantly I gave Jodie a call. She has been walking them for a month now and both dogs seem very happy, relaxed and well cared for and definitely calmer when I get home. I would recommend the dog walking service.'


- Christine Boyd, Lower Stondon




'Our Loyal Companions have been fantastic and very reliable. I would recommend this service for your pet. I am very happy with the Dog walking/Pet sitting, knowing that my pet is safe and well cared for'


- Juliska Jones, Arlesey




'Your skills with dogs have been very effective with our German Shepherd, Bella. Your methods of training have been a great success and we wouldn't hesitate recommending your services to anyone. Thank you so much Jodie'


- John and Judy Wilkinson, Arlesey




'Jodie looked after our cat Toby in August 2011. We had just moved to Clifton, the house was a mess with no hot water, the roof was leaking and I chickened out of putting Toby in a cattery at the last minute. Jodie was kind enough to visit him at short notice, she collected our post and even moved the buckets around that were collecting the leaks. She let me know when he wasn’t eating and managed to squeeze in some extra visits to check he was alright. Toby was very well cared for and she left a diary for me when I get back to let me know how he had been. I will definitely use Jodie again for next years holiday'


- Sarah and John Hart, Clifton




'We got our dog Chace at the age of months although a lovely dog he had a few bad habits. We had 3 sessions with Jodie within these sessions chace was taught not to go upstairs - not to jump up when guests arrived at the door and our most important thing he is now able to be walked and where possible let of his lead. Jodie gave us the confidence we lacked as first time dog owners. We would highly recommend jodie.'


- Debbie Shraughn, Arlesey